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All Types Of Door Knobs

All Types Of Door Knobs

Door Hardware 101. Keyed Door Knob and Deadbolt on an Entry Door. When shopping for door hardware, there is some basic information you need to know. Make sure the hardware will work with your door thickness. A thickness of 1-3/8 inches is standard for interior doors, while 1-3/4 inches is standard for exterior doors.

This Home Depot guide breaks down the different types of door knobs and door knob finishes available to you. Certain options were designed for specific rooms and passageways. Read on to find out which ones will work best in every area of your home.

So you know the basics about doorknobs and locksets and you can choose the type that best suits your needs and your home. Make a decision based on the security function you want for your door hardware and keep in mind that all these types come in a variety of different designs so the aesthetic element …

various types of doorknobs. Selecting the correct door knob and lock set for your home is a decision you’ll have to make when replacing, installing new or upgrading your door hardware. But there are so many choices to evaluate. You’ll be choosing the type of doorknob style you want and …

The best thing about this type of door hardware is that children and pets have a hard time opening the door. This can also be a disadvantage for some, as arthritis sufferers find them less than ideal. Also, if you’re switching from a lever handle to a door knob, keep in mind that every house is different and …

We do our best to offer a wide variety of home hardware products so that you can get it all in one place. Not sure where to start? First you might want to check out our help section to learn the basics of door hardware. Once you are familiar with the different types of doorknobs that are available, you’ll be more confident that …

Browse Schlage designer door knobs, in a variety of decorative knobs, lever and backplate styles.

A lever handle one of the more common types of door handle and along with mortice door knobs are the most common used in residential houses and commercial and public buildings. … Almost every style of lever on backplate has a bathroom lever version. … All levers on rose will have a matching escutcheon option.

When choosing a doorknob or lockset for your home’s exterior or interior doors, it pays to have a clear understanding of the differences between various types. This expert guide will help.

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If you want a approach that matches your house and interior decor but are not confident sufficient to create a style out of the ordinary yourself, consider hiring an interior designer to encourage you pick a approach style, hardware and finish that will mix seamlessly next the ablaze of your home. If you have child maintenance and time, hiring a designer to encourage is the safest way.