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Vintage Door Knob Screws

Vintage Door Knob Screws

Fix that jiggly doorknob with new set screws and spindle washers. Works with many vintage doors. Check your door spindle before ordering as set screws are designed for either threaded or tapped spindles.

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It truely has fit every one of my new home, old hardware door knobs (all 26) just fine!!!! Verified purchase: Yes. by pogotooJun 14, 2016. Product as promised. The only thing that would have made them better is if they had been solid brass for my 1908 house. Verified purchase: Yes. by sprdada76May 19, 2016. great item.

If you’re lucky, a malfunctioning vintage doorknob might only need to have the set screw tightened. If this is the case, your repair job can be done in literally a matter of a few seconds. The most time-consuming part may be trying to locate your flat head screwdriver. Once you find this tool, look for a small hole near the base of …

Step 6. Screw the back plate onto each side of the door. Voila! You have installed your own antique or vintage doorknob! Don’t you feel accomplished? Antique doorknobs are meant to be admired. They are functional, but they are also showpieces and conversation starters. Our wide selection of salvaged ..

Thanks for all of the answers. After bringing the door knob to Home Depot, I ended up buying #8-32 x 1″ brass round-head machine screws, which worked perfectly.

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