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Barn Door Hardware Spacers

Barn Door Hardware Spacers

All About Spacers. When buying a new rolling barn doors there are a couple of things you need to take into account. Remember this isn’t a regular or normal door, this is a door that moves laterally, this is a door that you have chosen because it better represents you, its one of a kind. So because of that ‘one of a kindness’ it …

Adjustable Barn Door Spacers make it easy to install your sliding barn door around baseboards, cases, or any other door trim that might stand in your way!

Free Shipping On standard sliding doors and hardware systems within cont’l U.S.. Doors · Sliding Barn Doors · Swinging Barn Doors … Home / Heavy Duty Spacers. Heavy Duty Spacers. $14.00. {}. Heavy Duty Spacers. Choose an option, Included. Heavy Duty Spacer Sizes. Choose an option, 2.75 in ($14.00). Finish.

Our Heavy-Duty Barn Door Spacer is a stylish way to install your barn door around light switches, baseboards, or anything else that might stand in your way! Hahaemall Sliding Barn Door Hardware Rolling Roller Assemblies Connecting Device Metal Steel Connector Track Adjustable Spacer (4PCS Spacer): Home Improvement.

Black Spacer Replacement Sliding Barn Door Hardware for Flat Track Set of 5. $17.99 · Hahaemall Sliding Barn Door Hardware Roller Assemblies Connecting Device Metal Steel Track Connector Adjustable Spacer (. Hahaemall Sliding Barn Door Hardware Roller Assemblies Connecting Device Metal Steel Track…

Ensure that your handcrafted barn door can slide properly with Spacer Extenders. Spacer Extenders create enough space between the sliding barn door and the wall, so the barn door does not run into any obstacles like baseboards. Choose from four Spacer Extender lengths and a variety of colors to fit your unique style.

Barn Door Spacer allows for mounting track 1 1/8″ off the wall (does not include backer board depth). Your Product Spec PDF Download: Print & take with you. To Order Your Replacement Hardware Call Customer Service at 1-800-493-5263. Colours. Colour Bronze. Colours. Bronze; Matte Black; Stainless Steel.

Flast Track Spacers keep the track spaced away from the wall so that your barn door will slide freely from side to side.

Get all the hardware you need for your barn doors from Strongar Hardware. Offers rails, spacers, door latch, stops and other accessories.

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